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Little Spokane

This was one of our favorite projects from a few years ago. We did an extensive renovation and remodel on a home perfectly situated on some acreage along the Little Spokane River. Because this house was originally built just after the turn of the century, it was important to us that the finishes have the right look and feel for the era of the original home.

During the demolition faze of construction, we discovered we would be able to harvest enough original fir flooring from the first floor to restore and repair the flooring on the second floor, we uncovered original ceiling treatments in the kitchen and office that had been covered by drywall in an earlier remodel the previous homeowners had done years before, we were able to restore the original handrail going up to the second floor and surrounding the second floor hallway, we uncovered beautiful brick work on the chimneys in some of the second floor bedrooms, we were able to expose original beam work and brick in the basement suite kitchen and much more. 

There is so much to see in these photos you will probably want to look through them multiple times to make sure you are able to take it all in. This was a one of a kind project.

This home was featured in the March 2018 Issue of
Spokane Ceour d' Alene Living
. (See article)